Nick Deutsch, Singer-Songwriter, Comes Out As Gay And Releases 'Run' Video

What does it mean to truly be out of the closet?

Though singer-songwriter Nick Deutsch says he's been out as gay since before he entered high school, he recently made the bold move to come out publicly for the first time.

The announcement comes in tandem with the release of his new single and video for the song "Run." According to a statement on YouTube, "'Run' chronicles the decay of a relationship between two men, one whom is unable to break free from the destructive bonds of shame... It's written for anyone whose been through the heartbreak of falling for somebody who can't love you back."

Deutsch wrote about his decision to come out publicly on his blog earlier this month:

"Despite coming out at 13, I have never made a conscious effort at merging my personal and professional life. Generally I’ve stayed within the realm of caution, telling myself, 'it’s about the music...'

I believe that regardless of career, being open is still very much a big deal, although I do appreciate and empathize with the over-arching view that “it’s no longer a big deal to be gay.” Even with Sam Smith sitting tall at the billboard top ten, we are sorely in need of supportive voices to counter the awful statistics and narratives that have historically plagued the LGBTQ community. It feels ridiculous to consider portraying myself as anything but confident with who I am as a gay man, especially within the wider context of the enormous social changes that have occurred."

Check out "Run" above and for more info on Deutsch, head to his official website.

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