Nick Jonas Responds To Claims That He's 'Baiting' Gays With His Abs

Nick Jonas Responds To Claims That He's 'Baiting' Gays With His Abs

Nick Jonas has a new album coming out and a juicy (nude!) role on a new TV show but all anyone wants to talk about are his abs and his recent whirlwind promotional tour of New York City's gay bars.

And for good reason: the 22-year-old singer and actor's midsection is nothing short of mesmerizing and he's spent more than his fair share of time when it comes to showing love to the gay community.

But Nick's not done yet. In a new interview with Pride Source, he opened up about his "now famous" abs and revealed that it wasn't exactly his idea to keep showing them off.

"They kind of made me do it, so I had to! But as far as my shows go, I keep it fully clothed," he told Pride Source's Chris Azzopardi, adding, "It was a few drinks in at that point. All bets were off."

As for what else went on while he partied in Manhattan's gay clubs, Jonas says, "There wasn't a whole lot of hitting on me and flirting. A little bit, which was actually kind of fun... It was a pretty new environment for me, so I was just trying to take it all in and have a good time."

Jonas also responded to critics who claimed he was just using his body to "bait the community," saying:

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I think it's unfortunate that some people have to find a negative in every situation. Clearly my heart is in the right place, and more than anything, if they just looked at my life and my gay friends and the authentic nature of where my heart is, they'd just see that they're kind of ignorant."

For more from the Pride Source interview, here here.

The criticism also doesn't seem to be keeping him from continuing to flash his fans (and the rest of the world). On Tuesday, Jonas Instagrammed his upcoming Flaunt magazine cover, which features his now trademark abs:

Jonas will star in the new DirecTV series, "Kingdom," which debuts on October 8. He recently told Andy Cohen that he "did a lot of nudity" for the series and hinted that his character may be gay or bisexual. His album self-titled album will be released on November 11.

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