Nick Jonas Hilariously Explores Disney Characters' Seedy Origin Stories

If Emma Stone can expose Cruella de Vil’s dark backstory, a James Corden sketch figures Eeyore and others deserve the same treatment.

If you’ve ever wished upon a star for Eeyore to be less sad, Nick Jonas explains why that is a complete waste of your time.

On Wednesday night, the “Jealous” singer helped expose the gritty origin stories of random Disney characters during a James Corden sketch on the “The Late Late Show.”

Inspired by Disney’s upcoming “Cruella” — in which Emma Stone explores the titular character’s backstory and why the “101 Dalmatians” villain is indeed so cruel — Corden and Jonas figured other Disney characters deserved the same treatment.

The sketch begins with an impossibly optimistic Eeyore trying to help his “Winnie the Pooh” animal friends keep their house; then segues to the explanation as to why in the world an Italian chef fed spaghetti and meatballs to two dogs in an alleyway in “Lady and the Tramp”; and concludes with the reason why a very minor character in “Beauty in the Beast” desperately needed six eggs.

All the stories are so heartbreaking that it’ll make the harrowing death of Bambi’s mother look like a walk through a Disney park.

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