Nick Jonas Plays 'Guess The Bulge' Game Featuring Male Celebrities (VIDEO)

Just when we thought Nick Jonas couldn't doggy paddle any further into the deep end of the gay pool, he agrees to play a game where he's asked to look at famous crotches and guess which bulge belongs to which celebrity male.

We're shocked that Nick, who's reportedly dating former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, agreed to this little stunt (and that his PR team approved it) but we guess we shouldn't be at this point. This is the guy who has spent the past few months showing off his abs at gay clubs around New York City and revealing that his new role on DirecTV's "Kingdom" would feature not only a lot of nudity but could also have a queer angle to it.

We'll let you watch the video above to find out how many Nick gets right but we will reveal that his own crotch pops up at one point and we're happy to report Mr. Jonas knows his own junk when he sees it.

(h/t Instinct)



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