Nick Jonas On Marriage, Mental Health And The Big Jonas Brothers Reunion

"It's not to be believed," Jonas said about the reaction to new Jonas Brothers music.
Nick Jonas recently revealed that he and his brothers went to therapy prior to reuniting as a band.
Nick Jonas recently revealed that he and his brothers went to therapy prior to reuniting as a band.
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Nick Jonas has suddenly found himself back in the spotlight ― on all fronts. Shortly after his whirlwind marriage to actress Priyanka Chopra in December, Jonas, along with his two brothers, Joe and Kevin, announced they were reuniting, complete with new music. The new single, “Sucker,” surfaced in February, and a new Jonas Brothers album is expected this year, marking the trio’s first studio album since 2009. A tour is also in the works.

Jonas, who has Type 1 Diabetes, is also spending time getting the word out about staying in good mental and physical health. He’s part of an initiative with Cigna to encourage people to schedule an annual check-up with their physician.

We caught up with Jonas about his own health, married life with Chopra and what’s next for Jonas Brothers.

How do you and your wife, Priyanka Chopra, make sure that you are keeping each other in check when it comes to health and emotional support?

Well, I think that we both obviously look out for each other in every way that we can. And I think as we’re continuing to navigate married life together, we’re figuring out exactly what and how we can be the best support for each other. And so far, it’s been amazing and having that partner, that life partner, is just an incredible thing and makes everything way better. So, I’m just hopeful that I can continue to be a good partner to her and whether that’s emotional or physical health, I want to be that teammate in everything.

Jonas and Chopra wed in December 2018.
Jonas and Chopra wed in December 2018.
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You have Type 1 Diabetes, so staying healthy and this initiative you’re involved in I’m sure are particularly close to you. What do you do to ensure that you’re taking care of your own physical and emotional health?

There are a lot of things that I do. And you’re right, this is particularly close, I think, close to my heart because of my Type 1 Diabetes and then the journey I’ve taken there. And as far as the steps I take, I think being physically active, doing my best to be physically fit, is incredibly important to me. You know, I’m in a way better state of mind after I’ve had a great workout. In addition to that, eating well, eating clean to the best of my ability while on the road or running around or whatever I’m doing is another thing that I try to make a priority.

Then also just time with family and friends and I think the thing that I’m so connected to about this message ... simplifying this idea and this message, to say that your emotional health is wholly connected to your physical health.

If you take that time, spend some time with family and friends, prioritize your emotional state of mind, you’re going to be in a way better spot physically. That’s for sure been true in my life and I hope it to be true in my family as well.

You recently revealed that the Jonas Brothers actually went to therapy for about a year before deciding to reunite as a group. What was that like and what was the biggest takeaway you got personally from that experience?

I think the thing that was so great about this next chapter was that it really began with us getting to the healthiest place we could be as brothers and as family before we decided to work together at all, given that the way it ended before was not the best. We just thought, let’s dive in, let’s really open up and pull this thing apart and see what would need to be different for this to work this time around for a healthier relationship. I think that honesty, that transparency, really was the key factor. And I built the foundation now to where those things that used to be hiccups before for us, are no longer a problem and we’re able to really enjoy this ride and the reaction so far to the new music and everything that’s going on has just been incredible.

Jonas Brothers are out with a new single called "Sucker."
Jonas Brothers are out with a new single called "Sucker."
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How would you describe the reaction since coming out with the new Jonas Brothers single?

It’s not to be believed. We wake up in the morning and pinch ourselves. We didn’t know what to expect when launching this new chapter, and coming back as the Brothers, but to have this outpouring of love and support for this song and this video, and just for us, feels incredible and we don’t take it for granted for one minute. We’re thankful just to our fans who have stuck with us for so long. I just can’t wait to get out and play for them this year, at some point.

What do you think like a tour would look like these days ― with kids and partners?

I think it will be a lot of fun. I don’t know what it will look like. Part of what makes it so exciting to us is that we’ve all had these experiences over the years, whether together, or now solo, or Joe would do with DNCE. And suddenly these things that we’ve done before have become brand new again. Just by way of coming back together, we’re adults now. We obviously all have our families and seeing what that would look like in this modern era is just really exciting. And I’m anxious to get out on the road and we’re building a plan now, so please stay posted.

What can you tease about the rest of the music that we can expect?

I think that for us we were really fortunate to work with [producer] Ryan Tedder on the big picture way to oversee the project as a whole is great. And he just breathes amazing life into it ... And the fact that we got to make the songs and that they came out the way they did was just the icing on the cake. So, I think the fans can expect a really good combo of Joe’s sounds and DNCE’s meets my solo sounds, and I think “Sucker” is a good kind of stepping-off point. But I’ve got more and more favorites on the album that I’m really excited for them to hear.