Nick Jonas No Longer Wearing Promise Ring But Still Has 'Love For The Church'

Nick Jonas may've abandoned his promise ring but he hasn't abandoned his relationship with God.

"This is a real growth in me and that's not something I'm doing anymore," he told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker in a Tuesday interview, referring to his vow to not practice sex before marriage. "But I've got my set of values, things that are important to me now at this point in my life, and that's all that matters."

Guiding him spiritually is his belief in God, rather than organized religion itself, he explained.

"I've had an incredibly intense journey with faith and religion and my growth," he said. "My belief in God is still very strong and important to me as a person, and I think that's all that should matter. The other things around it are not as important to me as my relationship with God."

The "Kingdom" actor stated that he'll always "have love for the church," but that his views on Christianity have shifted.

"There are a lot of things that I feel I agree with and things I don't," he said. "I grew up in a church environment... but what's important to me now in my life is my relationship with God and that I not be judged and that I not judge."

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