Nick Jonas Is The Perfect Long Island Bro In 'SNL' Sketch


Nick Jonas appeared on "Saturday Night Live” to remind everybody he and Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo make a pretty fine duet. But the former boy band star also had a chance to show off his acting skills in a sketch with Kate McKinnon and comedic legend Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

As Louis-Dreyfus' gelled-up god-nephew Antony Marcos Prince Mortadella, the "jacked to the max" singer models an obscene gold necklace emblazoned with his full name in a parody ad for a horribly glitzy Long Island store, "Huge Jewelry."

He's disturbingly convincing. It all leaves us wondering:

Could Nick Jonas make a third career change as a rom-com star?

How many necklaces filled with dirt could a single person support?

Where did "SNL" find the number for Donald Trump's interior decorator?

Can we have it?

Is it just us or does Jonas' necklace look like a candy bar?

Are we hungry right now or just bored?

Post your thoughts in the comments.



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