Former Purity Ring Owner Nick Jonas Wants You To Know He’s All About Sex And Booze

Can we all just go back to the Year 3000?

Let's all build a time machine (like one in a film I've seen) to return to the "Year 3000." Nick wasn't in any underwear campaigns. Kevin's extremely uncomfortable reality show hadn't aired. Joe was two years away from dating Taylor Swift.

Oh, and they all had purity rings as "promises to ourselves and to God that we'll stay pure till marriage." Suuuuuure, JoBros, sure. 

According to a recent interview with the youngest Jonas bro, Nick, times have seriously changed. Promoting his fraternity drama "Goat" at Sundance over the weekend, the "Scream Queens" star gave the distinct impression that purity is the last thing on his mind. 

“I think that growth is super important in any creative platform and in life in general, and in the TV show ['Kingdom'] I’m doing a lot of drugs and I’m having a lot of sex,” Jonas told The Daily Beast, “so it wasn’t foreign to me.”

“And I’ve had sex and drank a lot [in real life], so there are parts of this film that are perfectly real in some sense,” he continued. “But it’s important to take your fans on a journey. And it’s the responsibility of any artist to say, ‘This is what I’m connected to, this is what inspires me, and hopefully you can ask the same questions I’ve asked of myself.’”

We're just going to put his right here: 

Jonas said that his relationship with older brother Joe informed his performance in "Goat," in which he plays an older fraternity member who begins to question some extreme hazing rituals. 

"I would say I’m very close with my brothers now, especially my brother Joe," he explained. "Actually, that relationship was a big part of the relationship that I had in the back of my head [while filming 'Goat']. After the film was done, I had a lot of perspective to bring to that relationship that I didn’t have before."

Do with that what you will. 

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