Nick Kroll Hilariously Nails Right-Wing Freakout Over 'Snowflake' Shark Talk

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" guest host also swiped at "alleged piece of human s**t" Rep. Matt Gaetz for jumping on the Free Britney bandwagon.

Comedian Nick Kroll feigned right-wing indignation over the proposal from some Australian officials to rebrand shark attacks as something less sinister-sounding during his stint as guest host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Friday.

The “Big Mouth” creator mockingly took aim at the “coastal justice warriors” behind the “snowflake story” with his spoof bit, titled “Kroll Me a River.”

“You know, when Jaws was gobbling up horny skinny-dippers, we didn’t say, ‘Um, excuse me, time to check your great white privilege!’ We said, ‘Thank you for your service!’ OK?” Kroll joked, in character.

“I can hear the loony liberals now: ‘You’re just perpetuating shark stereotypes — we can’t make other species feel othered!’ Kroll me a river!” he added.

“This would be a great segment for my ‘Gutfeld’ packet, right?” Kroll concluded the bit, referencing Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld’s alleged comedy show on the conservative network.

Elsewhere in his monologue, Kroll swiped at “alleged piece of human shit” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) for appearing to jump on the Free Britney bandwagon.

Watch the video here: