Nick Lachey Says He Hasn't Spoken To Jessica Simpsons In Six Years (VIDEO)

Andy Cohen doubled up his usual guest quotient by inviting all four members of 98 Degrees to hang out with him on "Watch What Happens: Live." Of course, if you have a band on that includes Nick Lachey, there was one question that simply had to be asked.

The question came from the viewers, though Cohen probably would have asked either way. Fans wanted to know how long it had been since Nick had spoken with his ex-wife, Jessica Simpson.

"Honestly, probably six years," Nick said. He said it "was like another lifetime."

Cohen also asked the group to dish on their fellow boy bands. He asked the guys which other boy band had the most attitude, and they said there was "no question." It's the Backstreet Boys.

When it came time to expand on their thoughts, though, the guys kept going back to the same word: "Cool." Just like the boys of 98 Degrees.

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