Nick Lachey Could Make Serious Bank If Weed Is Legalized in Ohio {UPDATED)

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UPDATE: Sorry, Nick Lachey. It looks like you'll have to count on that boy band money a little longer. On Tuesday, Ohio voted against legalizing recreational and medical marijuana. 

PREVIOUSLY: That "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica" money can't last forever!

Nick Lachey: '90s boy band member, ex-husband to Jessica Simpson and, now ... future billionaire weed kingpin? Yes, you read that correctly. 

According to The Washington Post, Lachey co-owns a 29-acre weed farm outside of Akron, Ohio, with some financial executives and a car dealership owner. Lachey and several other famous type,s like designer Nanette Lepore, retired NBA star Oscar Robertson, footballer Frostee Rucker and President William Howard Taft's great-great-grandnephews (the randomness continues) also own some of the 10 farms in Ohio designated for large-scale weed production.

On Tuesday, Ohioans took to the ballot box to decide whether to legalize marijuana. Lachey and others were asked to put down a cool $4 million per ownership group to underwrite the ballot campaign and another $10 million to get the farms operational. If the proposition passes, all 1,100 Ohio weed dispensaries allowed by the amendment will have to source their product from Lachey's farm or the other nine across the state because the ballot mandates that the cohort would have exclusive rights to weed farming. 

TLC's "Nick and Vanessa's Dream Wedding" special must have done better than we thought. If you still don't believe us, check out Lachey's ad for ResponsibleOhio.

According to one study, Lachey and his partners in green stand to make $1.1 billion in the next four years. Lachey and ResponsibleOhio tout job creation and a boost to the economy as potential benefits of weed legalization; however, the potential oligopoly inevitably created by the measure has drawn criticism

In light of this news, lets re-watch some of the more unbelievable moments from the MTV gem “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” with fresh eyes.

Those were better times.


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