Nick Morale Arrested For Alleged Threats On Mike McLelland Tip Line

Authorities in Texas arrested a man late Tuesday night after he allegedly left threatening messages on a hotline intended to solicit leads in the investigation surrounding slain prosecutor Mike McLelland and his wife.

Nick Morale, 56, is being held at the Kaufman County Jail on a charge of making a terroristic threat, The Dallas Morning news reports.

Kaufman County sheriff's Lt. Justin Lewis said that Morale is not considered a suspect in the case and there is nothing to link him to the investigation.

Morale, of Terrell, was being held in lieu of a $1 million bail, according to the jail website.

Kaufman County is on high alert following the murder of McLelland, 63, and his wife, Cynthia, 65, on Saturday. The shooting occurred just a few months after Mark Hasse, an assistant district attorney, was gunned down outside a courthouse.

Authorities have not declared any suspects in the case, though suspicion has focussed on the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, a white supremacist gang, according to the Associated Press.


Texas DA Mike McLelland Killed
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