Nick Offerman Dated Born-Again Christian To Learn About Lovemaking

"It turns out there's a lot of pent-up desire," he said on "Conan."

For Nick Offerman, having sex as a teenager was a religious experience.

The “Parks and Recreation” actor told Conan O’Brien on Wednesday that his first long-term relationship was with a born-again Christian. He said he “got saved” and began to date the woman “to try and learn about the carnal parts of lovemaking.”

When O’Brien suggested to his guest that he probably should have looked elsewhere for that kind of experience, Offerman countered that though “one would think” so, “it turns out there’s a lot of pent-up desire.”

“We would try to be devout Christians and then we would make rabbit-like, passionate love and then we would cry for shame,” he recalled. “And then we would pray that tomorrow night we could resist the pleasures of the flesh... and that became a cycle.”

His advice: “If you’re a teenager and you’re looking to get an education, go to church,” he said.

Offerman has been married to “Will & Grace” star Megan Mullally since 2003, calling his relationship “a sweet gig.”



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