Nick Offerman Explains Why Ron Swanson Would Hate Both Candidates

You were saying ....
You were saying ....

If you’re planning on casting your vote based on the political affiliations of your favorite TV characters this election, then Ron Swanson of “Parks and Recreation” has a bitter pill for you to swallow. He’s reluctant to vote for either candidate. 

Nick Offerman, who brought Swanson and his moustache to life for seven seasons on the NBC sitcom, has finally weighed in on whether the anti-government, bacon-loving furniture maker would vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. 

“I am frequently asked how Ron Swanson would weigh in on this election,” he wrote on Twitter Friday afternoon. “I was able to contact a source close to Ron and here is the result.”

Swanson’s biggest grievances against Trump are how the former reality host consistently disrespects women (check), makes taxpayers bail him out after multiple bankruptcies (check) and and spawned “fatuous suck-ups with slick hair” (double check). 

But he also refuses to go easy on Clinton, calling her a “career politician,” which essentially embodies everything Swanson hates.

He later gave a shoutout to Gary Johnson, calling the candidate’s exclusion from his initial post “not an oversight.” 

However, he admits that Ron would still vote Hillary given the almost certain apocalypse if Trump were to be elected — at least until Willie Nelson or the late Merle Haggard enter the race. 



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