Nick Offerman Recites The Most Moving Poem About Firewood You'll Ever Hear

“Up and down, and up again, I swing my trusty ax..."

This poem will help keep you warm this winter.

Nick Offerman paid tribute to his “one true friend” ― firewood ― on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Tonight Show.” Sitting next to a pile of logs, the “Parks and Recreation” star expressed his undying love for his woodpile.

Up and down, and up again, I swing my trusty ax,” Offerman says in one section of his poem. “Splitting each piece right in half with the sound of my mighty thwacks.”

Offerman also told host Jimmy Fallon about picking up “mojo” from President Barack Obama, wearing Spandex for first lady Michelle Obama and showing off in front of a video camera as a kid.

 Check out the full poem above and the interview below: