Nick Offerman Is The Definition Of Manliness And This Sign Proves It

Ron Swanson is man.

To many of his fans, actor and author Nick Offerman is the picture of a real man. Now there's a restroom sign to prove it.

A public bathroom in Madurai, India, appears to be using an image of the mustachioed "Parks and Recreation" star to mark its men's toilet.

Michelle Johnson Blimes, of Pickerington, Ohio, photographed the sign after spotting it during her family vacation last month.

"Do you think Nick Offerman knows his image is being used in Madurai, India, to label the men's bathroom?" Blimes asked on Facebook.

The picture went viral and eventually grabbed the attention of the man himself.

Unlike his wood-whittling "Parks and Rec" character Ron Swanson -- a fierce personal privacy advocate -- Offerman didn't seem too disturbed that his face was being featured in such a way. In fact, he actually appeared to like it:

It's not the first time Offerman's image has been used to promote products, likely without the prior knowledge or approval of the comedian.

His wife, actress Megan Mullally, even tweeted this picture of him appearing to promote a dental clinic in Russia:

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