Nick Offerman's 'Yule Log' Is Better Than Having A Real Fireplace

And almost as good as drinking Lagavulin.

What's better than sitting next to a fireplace sipping scotch?

Sitting next to Nick Offerman sitting next to a fireplace sipping scotch.

In "Nick Offerman's 'Yule Log,'" the comedian, performer, craftsman, scotch appreciator (and life-goal for most men) sniffs, sips and contemplates the wonderful world of whisky, specifically Lagavulin, in a worn leather chair for 45 minutes (Sometimes he nods subtly with affirmation, sometimes he seems to have fallen asleep with his eyes open, but it's not creepy because they're kind eyes).

It's a promotional video for Lagavulin to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the first Yule Log video, which aired in 1966 on KPIX.

Offerman's version has so many applications -- throw it on at your holiday party and it's like he's there. It can comfort you from your phone during a harsh subway ride, warm your cubicle with relaxing background sounds and spice up a romantic holiday night with your lover. He might not look away, but it's OK, because it's Nick Offerman. Talk to him. Ask him for advice. His non-answer might tell you everything you need to hear.

That said, how he manages to only drink one glass in 45 minutes is a mystery.

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