Nick Selby Responds To Plagiarism Accusations After Georgia Tech Speech Goes Viral (VIDEO)

This year's Georgia Tech freshman class received a welcome of epic proportions from sophomore Nick Selby, and video of Selby's remarks quickly went viral.

But soon the Internet buzzed with talk that Selby had plagiarized his speech from Andy Stone, his former high school debate coach. Selby addressed the controversy on HuffPost Live Friday, acknowledging he had been inspired by Stone.

"Absolutely brilliant man," Selby said of Stone. "I promise I didn't rip him off. When I saw his speech, I thought it was so amazing. ... I really wanted to use that to pump up the freshmen."

Selby had already discussed the plagiarism allegations on his Facebook page as well, encouraging people to watch one of Stone's speeches.

"I asked him for permission and he very graciously agreed," Selby said on HuffPost Live.

Watch a clip of Selby on HuffPost Live in the video above.



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