Nick Viall Is No Longer A 'Bachelor'

Viall endured a tumultuous, cheese-pasta-filled season.

Warning: Spoilers for the “The Bachelor” Season 21 finale. 

Nick Viall’s had a few shots at finding love on “The Bachelor” franchise. Thankfully, he finally got his happy ending on Monday night. And it was, well, dramatic, of course. 

After weeks of tears, one-on-one dates, naps and cheese pasta, the 36-year-old proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi with a Neil Lane diamond ring. (Duh!)

“I will never forget the first moment I saw you ... and the first moment I started falling in love with you,” he said, adding, “There have been plenty of times where I wanted to fight it, but I don’t want to fight it anymore.”

“Nick, when I’m with you, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” she said. 

Raven Gates was the runner-up. Nick told her through tears, “I think about how much I’ve grown to care about you, respect you, and how much love I have for you ... I just don’t know if I’m in love.” 

He added, “I’m just torn up inside letting you go.” 

When Nick said, “I’m going to miss you,” Raven answered, confidently, “I know.” 

Nick and Vanessa had an immediate connection. Although they’ve gone back and forth about their plans regarding where to live ― Nick is Los Angeles-based while Vanessa resides in Montreal, Canada ― it appears their love for each other is more important than the distance.  

“It’s sometimes strange how similar we are, which I think it’s great and sometimes it concerns me,” Nick told Vanessa on the show. “I’m just worried about the fact that, sometimes, it could complicate things. There might be some strong conversations because we’re passionate people, and we want what we want. [But] if we, in our hearts, decide to get engaged, it’s because that’s how we feel.” 

Well, apparently they felt they were meant to be together. Congrats to the happy couple!

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