Nick Young Almost Blew Up His Hand With A Firework On 4th Of July

Have we learned nothing from Jason Pierre-Paul?

A rash 4th of July decision by NBA wingman Nick Young nearly cost him his career Monday, as Young bent down, grabbed on to and waved around a lit artillery shell, to the evident delight of those attending his Independence Day party. And as explosives are wont to do, it blew up. In his hand.

Why anybody would do this with a firework is unclear. Why a professional athlete -- who’s set to earn $5.4 million this year -- would do this is especially hard to understand. Especially in light of the Jason Pierre-Paul debacle of 2015, a fireworks fiasco that resulted in the NFL star’s permanently marred, mangled right hand.

Fortunately, per TMZ, Young appears to have come out the other side with all 10 fingers intact. Let’s just hope that we can get through America’s 241st birthday next July without anyone, anywhere, thinking it’s a good idea to play with explosives.



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