Nick Young Layup Fail: Wizards Guard Misses Easy Shot Against Lakers (VIDEO)

Wizards Guard's Embarrassing Wide Open Missed Layup

In the second quarter of the Washington Wizards' surprising comeback win over the Lakers on Wednesday night, Nick Young pulled off an embarrassing missed layup. Given the astonishing output of head scratching fails for Washington -- and, we're just talking about the local NBA team -- that's not so surprising. The Wizards must be used to these by now.

Trailing by seven, Wizards rookie Shelvin Mack stole the ball from All-Star center Andrew Bynum and immediately found Young breaking down the court for a wide open layup. With Matt Barnes behind him but not contesting the shot, Young went up for the layup but somehow managed to throw the ball over the backboard and out of bounds.

At least Young can say it didn't nearly cost his team the game as the Wizards went on to rally from 21 points down in the second half to upset Kobe Bryant and the Lakers 106-101.


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