Nickelback Facebook: Trick Outs The Band's Fans (It Might Be Time To Unfriend)

Want To See Which Facebook Friends Like Nickelback?

If you're one of the 13 million people who like Nickelback -- rock music's biggest punching bag -- on Facebook, then it might be time to un-like, because your secret is no longer safe.

While Nickelback was hanging out with Guy Fieri in San Jose, the internet was busy trying to figure out a way to reveal all of your Facebook friends who "like" Nickelback. Of course, the internet succeeded. Now, thanks to a handy URL, it's never been easier to purge your Facebook page of all unnecessary NIckelback-related status updates. Or, you know, to know which of your friends would want to join your Nickelback fan club.

Do you want to see which of your Facebook friends like Nickelback? All you have to do is click HERE.

Luckily, Nickelback seems to have a sense of humor. When the Detroit Lions fans petitioned to get another halftime act, they enlisted the help of Paul Scheer and Funny Or Die to try and boost their image for the big game.

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