Nickelback, you either love ’em or hate ‘em. Yet in Hershey, they clearly loved ‘em and came out in support of their favorite North American Rock band. The Canadian rockers really put on a fabulous rock fueled show playing just two from the new #9 album “Feed the Machine”. The rest was a mix from Silver Side Up, The Long Road, All the Right Reasons, Dark Horse, Here and Now and No Fixed Address or as I like to refer to “The Best of Nickelback”.

Sexy lead vocalist and guitarist Chad Kroeger opened up the show with “Feed the Machine” with an elaborate Machine with bright red lights beating with the pre-song bass guitar slow wail until all band members appeared onstage to jam on their carefully picked prized guitars. (think Chad had about 10 guitar changes in all).

Next song was from Silver Side Up “Woke Up this Morning” followed by Photograph, Far Away and Too Bad. Then Chad pulled back on stage, Chris Daultry who was opening act, to sing Savin Me.

After this, and before the one new entry “Song on Fire” from new album, the lead crooner did his obnoxious “mid show beverage” routine where he told a story about being on the tour bus the previous night with Shaman’s Harvent’s (the other opener) drinking til 7 am, going to bed at 9 am and waking up at noon. If this is really true, the now 42 yr old seems to be in pretty good shape to rock for a full two hour plus show. Oh and note to self, always be sure to book a night when Nickelback has the next day off. You are in for more songs guaranteed! Not sure if this is planned or the Jaegerbombs Chad and Ryan Peake were drinking taking over.

The next section of the show was for the true fans only, a little Karioke with two handpicked fans to come up onstage to sing “Rockstar” with the band. Hershey fans Jennifer and Stuart did not disappoint and represented the lyrics well.

Nickelback then got on a roll with a few songs starting with “When we stand Together” (the perky unity anthem they did at the protested Thanksgiving Day gig in Detroit); the hard rockin “Animals” and a rousing finish with their signature song, “How you Remind Me” of which the fans could not get enough of this righteous rock n roll band.

Encore featured Gotta Be Somebody, This Afternoon and Burn it to the Ground. The fans loved it and didn’t want it to end. Until we meet again, Chad, Mike, Ryan and Daniel – you will always be my Rockstars!

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