Even Kids Know Equality For Everyone Is Important

The top issues for kids in this election include terrorism, equal rights and crime.

Equal rights was one of the top election-year issues among kids, according to a new poll conducted by Nickelodeon as part of their “Kids Pick the President” campaign.

The online survey, conducted from June to August, tracked 2,400 kids’ interest and awareness of the presidential election. Of the kids (ages 8-13) surveyed, 32 percent said war/terrorism was the top issue the next U.S. president should care about. Equal rights came in second at 29 percent, followed by crime/violence at 26 percent.

Eighty-two percent of kids feel it is “very important” that the president “believes in equality for everyone.” Among African-American kids, 87 percent rate this quality as “very important.”

The top three traits that are “very important” to kids for the next president to have are honesty (90 percent), trustworthiness (89 percent) and being respectful of others (85 percent). The least cited qualities included toughness (49 percent), religious (23 percent) and being rich (10 percent).

Nickelodeon has surveyed kids about presidential topics and candidates since 1988. This week, the network launched a website dedicated to helping kids learn more about the election.



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