Nicki Minaj Has Relationship Advice For You: 'Queen, Know Your Worth'

"Being equally yoked is what you should strive for."

Sit down, because Nicki Minaj has a lot to tell you about relationships and not doing things just for the ’gram.

“#Queen, know your worth. I’ve been proposed to 3 times; asked by 4 boyfriends to have their child. Being emotionally, mentally, or physically abused just to crack a fake smile on the gram & show off a ring is not happiness. Being cheated on, humiliated, belittled… for the gram?” the rapper said on Twitter on Saturday.

Minaj’s new album, aptly named “Queen,” comes out in August. 

The thread continued with her telling queens everywhere that their significant others “can’t make or break you,” and she appeared to offer a nudge to people in toxic relationships, saying “being equally yoked is what you should strive for.”

The “Chun Li” rapper goes on about toxic individuals and calls out people in power who abuse their privilege, likely in a nod to the #MeToo movement:

Minaj has previously dated rappers like Meek Mill and Nas, and was even most recently rumored ― though falsely ― to be dating Eminem. As for who her “new boy” is? We’re not sure, but it’s clearly already over. Another tweet from Minaj in the thread remarked on her “new found freedom.”

In response to her “girl talk,” Young Money label mate Mack Maine tweeted that Minaj is bringing about “breakup season.”

In true Nicki fashion, she shot back, saying people need to appreciate the women they have or “EXIT!” 

Queen SZN, indeed, Nicki.



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