Nicki Minaj Is Paying Off Fans' Student Debt On Twitter

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The New York Times once called Nicki Minaj “a walking exaggeration, outsize in sound, personality and look.” This week, Minaj proved that sentiment true by making waves with an unprovoked Twitter-spree of philanthropy.

Minaj was promoting a contest on Twitter when a young fan dropped a tweet asking for help with their student debt. Unexpectedly, Minaj responded minutes later and asked the student for proof of their enrollment. As soon as she received it, Minaj made good on her promise.

It didn’t take long for a flood of struggling students to come to the rapper asking for help. Minaj promised to support over thirty fans by paying for tuition, loans, and school supplies (just look at her feed). Her total donations amounted to $30,000, and she’s not done yet.

She promised to make it rain again soon. So if you’re struggling with student debt, you better turn on Twitter notifications for Minaj’s account.