Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey Clash As 'American Idol' Auditions Go Sour (VIDEO)

WATCH: Nicki Minaj Loses It, Curses Out Mariah Carey

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have begun clashing at "American Idol" auditions. In a new TMZ video from the Charlotte, NC auditions, Minaj erupts at Carey in a tirade of curse words.

According to TMZ, Minaj threatened to "knock out" Carey before the video started rolling. In the clip below, Randy tries to quell the blow up, but TMZ reports producers ended the auditions that day to let the judges collect themselves.

"I told them, I'm not f---in' putting up with her f---ing highness over there," Minaj says. "Figure it the f--- out. Figure it out."

"Idol" host Ryan Seacrest responded to the video of the fight on his radio show saying, "It did get intense. We want that. We want them to be on this panel together."

Carey, Minaj, Jackson and Keith Urban will be the judges for "American Idol" Season 12. After the new judges were announced, reports immediately started surfacing of a rift between the two, but Carey told AP "a feud takes a little longer to happen." TMZ previously reported the two started clashing on day one of filming

Seacrest also previously told press the women were getting along.

"There are not too many dull moments between the two of them, but at the end of the day, we all hug and laugh and go home and get ready for another day," "American Idol" host Seacrest told "Today" in September. "They get along fine, but they're strong and candid in their opinion."

Watch the TMZ video below.

"American Idol" returns to Fox in 2013.

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