People Aren't Happy With The Nazi Imagery In Nicki Minaj's 'Only' Lyric Video

People Aren't Happy With Nazi Imagery In Nicki Minaj's New Video

One hard and fast rule about including Nazi imagery in a music video? Don't, unless you want to upset a lot of people.

The lyric video for "Only," Nicki Minaj's new single featuring Drake, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, includes visual elements that are strikingly similar to the Third Reich, particularly its color scheme and Young Money logo. In the animated lyric video, Minaj plays a dictator who sits on a throne before thousands of uniformed soldiers. Here are two screenshots from the video, released to Vevo on Saturday:



People quickly took to social media to slam the "disrespectful" video, with some even demanding that Youtube remove the video altogether. As Gawker pointed out, video director Jeff Osborne has yet to comment on the video but has been retweeting reactions -- good and bad -- on his Twitter account. Nicki Minaj has yet to respond to the criticism.

Watch the full lyric video for "Only" above.

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