Nicki Minaj's Pasties Have Become The Star's Onstage Signature (PHOTOS)

We're in desperate need of an explanation.

Jennifer Lopez has her jumpsuits, Lady Gaga has her meat, Christina Aguilera has her colorful hair and Nicki Minaj has her... pasties?

Yep, pasties are clearly becoming the signature piece of Nicki Minaj's onstage wardrobe. The singer debuted her mega flower-shaped accessories (if you can call them that?) on "The Tonight Show" in July, bouncing around stage in a sparkly nude leotard with her breasts just barely covered. Save for Lil' Kim's memorable VMAs outfit, it was the most blatant pasties-as-outerwear display we'd ever seen.

But it wasn't a fluke. This week Minaj hit the stage at the Manchester Arena in England wearing a strapless black party dress... with what look like the identical flowery pasties popping up from beneath. Like on "The Tonight Show," Minaj made no attempt to hide them -- a Janet Jackson slip-up this was not.

Which makes us wonder: are visible pasties a thing? Is this a legitimate signature that Minaj -- and anyone else, for that matter -- can incorporate into her wardrobe?

One thing's for sure: pasties are a surefire way to avoid every star's worst nightmare, the nip slip.

Below, the fashion statement in question.


nicki minaj pasties

nicki minaj pasties

nicki minaj pasties

nicki minaj pasties

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