Nicki Minaj Slams Fake Controversy That She Made Fun Of Someone In A Wheelchair

"Are [you] that desperate for attention?"

Nicki Minaj took critics to task for claiming she made fun of someone in a wheelchair, when the person was actually her friend riding a scooter.

The whole thing started when Minaj, dressed as a fairy princess for Halloween at One Oak in Las Vegas, posted a video of her laughing with friends while walking down a hallway. At the end of the clip, she points her wand at someone in front of her who was seemingly using a motorized wheelchair and says "Walk!" 

People began chastising Minaj on Twitter, including Perez Hilton, thinking that the woman she told to walk was disabled. However, the rapper pushed back and called out Hilton for promoting a false story. 

Critics silenced. Minaj is no stranger to calling out Halloween controversies, on Sunday, she posted a photo of someone’s Bill Cosby costume with the caption, “Our generation is so desensitized.”

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