Nicklas Skovgaard Becomes The Newest Teen Style Blogger Sensation

Nicklas Skovgaard Becomes The Newest Teen Style Blogger Sensation

The newest teen style blogger to skip school to attend fashion week is 15-year-old Danish blogger Nicklas Skovgaard. After being granted an extension on his homework, Skovgaard took in Copenhagen Fashion Week from the front row. T Magazine caught up with him to ask what he thought of the shows:

How do you think Copenhagen's fashion scene might compare to Paris, New York or London?

Copenhagen fashion week is a very Danish week, it's kind of boring clothes and too safe. London is taking some chances and it's just more artistic. But I would love to go to Paris fashion week -- that is amazing.

In fact Skovgaard wants to be a designer, an interest that he attempts to incorporate into his schoolwork, "sometimes in subjects like social studies, where we discuss whether it will reduce bullying if we all had school uniforms on. So yes, on some subjects I can offer my insights."

Skovgaard also said that he reads Tavi's blog! And that he loves her and she is wonderful. (Really!) We demand a meeting of the teen style blogging minds!

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