'Younger' Star Nico Tortorella Opens Up About Being Sexually Fluid

"I don't focus on what you have between your legs," he said.
"I've always done me and never been shy," Tortorella said. 
"I've always done me and never been shy," Tortorella said. 

"Younger" star Nico Tortorella has revealed that he's sexually fluid. 

The 27-year-old actor and model, who is currently in a relationship with a woman, opened up about his sexuality in a Page Six interview at an American Express LGBT Pride event with the Infatuation blog on Tuesday. 

“It’s just a fluidity. . . We’re all kind of moving into this one situation,” Tortorella, who plays Sutton Foster's hunky love interest on "Younger," said. Still, he stopped short of calling his remarks a "coming out" in the traditional sense.  

"I think it’s one thing to hide. . . and it’s one thing to come out of the closet in a public statement," he said. "But I've always done me and never been shy." 

Speaking on "The Drop-In with Will Malnati” podcast earlier this month, Tortorella said he likes to think of himself as "label-less." 

"I don't see the world as gender binary -- man, woman. There's a whole spectrum of people that fit into all of it, and I've dated all of them, a lot of them," he said in the June 9 podcast. "It's not about sex for me. It's about being totally emotionally connected to somebody."

The actor, who said he is developing a TV show focused on gender and sexuality, went on to note that he has "the ability to fall in love with totally different types of people," regardless of their gender. 

"I don't focus on what you have between your legs, because whatever you've got, I'm gonna make it work," he said. 

After news of Tortorella's announcement made headlines in People magazine, US Weekly and other publications, he offered a playful response on Instagram

call me whatever you want, just call me. #niconiconico

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So great to see you doing you, Nico! 



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