Nicolas Cage On Serbian Biology Textbook: 'Raising Arizona' Cover Ill-Placed (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Why Is Nicolas Cage On A Serbian Biology Textbook?

Nicolas Cage has a strange habit of showing up in odd places -- and we're not talking about some of his recent movie choices, though "Drive Angry" wasn't his best decision.

In 1987, Cage and Holly Hunter starred in "Raising Arizona," the Coen Brothers comedy about an ex-con and a police officer who get married. Oddly enough, as pointed out by Twitter user @Zekasta and picked up by and then Reddit, a shot from the film, complete with a little baby, ended up on the cover of a Serbian 8th grade biology textbook.

The ironic part? The baby wasn't even theirs; they stole it from the family of a big shot businessman near their Arizona home.

This recalls an episode earlier this fall, when a portrait of a Civil War soldier who looked exactly like Cage was posted on the web.


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