Nicolas Cage Hunts For Stolen Truffle Pig In Dark New Trailer For 'Pig'

The b-oink-ers upcoming movie seems like it's basically "Taken" but with a pig.

“Who has my pig?”

That’s the crucial question posed by Nicolas Cage in the new trailer for his upcoming movie “Pig.”

The drama, also produced by Cage, follows an Oregonian former chef and mushroom enthusiast who lives in the forest with his beloved truffle-hunting pig, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Someone pignaps her, and Cage’s character sets off to track them down and save his porcine companion.

While several sites have noted that the premise is reminiscent of Keanu Reeves’ quest to find his dog in “John Wick,” there are also some major “Liam Neeson searching for his daughter in ‘Taken’” vibes. (Cage definitely has a very particular set of skills, chief of which is starring in absolutely off-the-wall movies.)

Twitter rutted in delight at the trailer:

We just hope the pig’s OK at the end.


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