This Face-Swap With Nicolas Cage And Ross From ‘Friends' Cannot Be Unseen

The one where David Schwimmer IS Nicolas Cage.

“Face-Off,” the sequel?

A face-swap of Nicolas Cage and David Schwimmer as Ross Geller in “Friends” is setting the internet alight.

Reddit user spaghetticondom911 shared the doctored image online Monday:

It’s actually a screenshot from YouTube channel derpfakes’ latest montage, in which Cage’s features are placed over the faces of characters in various television and movie scenes:

Such as the “Friends” during the famous scene where Ross plays the keyboard:

And this segment from the “Back To The Future” franchise:

The Cage-Ross mashup picture inevitably went viral:

Some redditors were skeptical about the comparison, but many of their doubts were laid to rest with this side-by-side of the original scene and the edited snap:

Derpfakes released its first Cage-inspired supercut in September 2018. Check it out here.