Hockey Fight Ends In Totally Unexpected Way

The Philadelphia Flyers' Nicolas Deslauriers and Columbus Blue Jackets' Mathieu Olivier pounded each other until the outcome we did not see coming.

A fight on Sunday between two NHL enforcers suddenly ended in a gentlemen’s agreement between the two to stop brawling. (Watch the video below.)

Nicolas Deslauriers of the Philadelphia Flyers and Mathieu Olivier of the Columbus Blue Jackets dropped gloves and punched each other for about 45 seconds.

Deslauriers then tapped Olivier respectfully on the helmet, and Olivier returned the gesture. The two briefly embraced face to face and skated off the ice.

The announcer seemed delighted at the mutually decided stoppage.

That the two would be trading blows is no surprise. Before the season, The Hockey News ranked Deslauriers as the No. 2 enforcer in the league and Olivier made honorable mention.

The two fought last season as well with the Blue Jackets coming out on top 5-2 in that match.

The Flyers won by the same score on Sunday at home.

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