Nicolas Sarkozy: French President Accused Of Pirating 400 DVDs

Nicolas Sarkozy: French President Accused Of Pirating 400 DVDs

A French paper, Le Canard Enchaine, has busted French President Nicolas Sarkozy for pirating 400 copies of a DVD.

If the story pans out, this would be Sarkozy's second copyright infringement -- and a major embarrassment for a President famous for his three-strikes-you're-out, anti-file-sharing stance.

According to the paper, Sarkozy made 400 unauthorized copies of a 52-minute documentary starring the President himself, called A visage decouvert : Nicolas Sarkozy.

PC World France writes
that a proud Sarkozy wanted to distribute the documentary to diplomats at a conference (the "17eme conférence des ambassadeurs"), but the DVD's distributor had only send 50 copies of the documentary.

A few copies short? Pas de probleme!

The President's office decided to make up for the difference by pirating a few hundred copies.

They even went so far as to doctor up a new DVD jacket, replacing the original DVD maker's name and logo ("Galaxie Presse") with a line crediting the President's "AV service" ("Service audiovisuel de la presidence de la Republique".)

Sarkozy's first copyright-infringement strike came after the President repeatedly used a song by the band MGMT at his rallies without asking the band's permission.

Zut alors.

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