Nicolas Sarkozy's Father Details First Sexual Experience...With His Nanny

In his new autobiography So Much Life, Pal Sarkozy, father of French President Nicolas Sarkozy reveals that he he had his first sexual experience with his nanny at age eleven, the Daily Mail UK reports:

He writes: 'Sleep! That's a joke! I innocently asked the nanny to lie down next to me as if to give me a big cuddle while whispering the story. She obeyed.
'I slipped my clumsy but hurried hand under her skirt while she, unperturbed, continued reading.'
After 'finding peace with my body, my desire satisfied', she rearranged her dress and kissed him on the forehead. 'From then on, I would ask for my nurse and stories every night.'

Pal has been married four times and admitted to cheating on Nicolas's mother. He compared himself to an addict, explaining, "If you ask an alcoholic to stop, he'll say yes to have peace but won't keep his promises until one awakening ruder than the rest makes him change course, as one needs courage to renounce one's addictions."

Pal's confession comes just a few weeks after his son Nicolas was accused of cheating on his wife Carla...and Carla accused of cheating on him. Perhaps the pomme doesn't fall far from the arbre...but we're not making any assumptions.