Nicole Byer Found The Most Disgusting Thing In Her In-Flight Blanket

Try not to gag at this story.

Comedian Nicole Byer issued a PSA (of sorts) for airline passengers on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Conan.”

“The people need to know to not use a blanket,” she told host Conan O’Brien, after recounting a disgusting story about a Delta Air Lines flight she took from Louisiana to Atlanta in March.

Byer was feeling “chilly” and pulled one of the airline’s in-flight blankets out of a sealed plastic bag so that she could cover up. But a “little brown crumble” fell onto her lap — which she said turned out to be human poop.

“The smell hit me and I was like ‘oh my God,’” said Byer.

Delta apologized via Twitter. According to Byer, it also offered her compensation on condition she didn’t talk about the incident. But she declined, and insisted that people should hear her story.

The ordeal wasn’t completely over, however. Byer revealed she later found more poop in her cellphone case — which had been on her lap at the time. “It’s gross, plain and simple,” she told O’Brien.

Check out the interview in the clip above.

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