Nicole Byer Made Beyoncé Giggle

Comedian Nicole Byer stopped by BUILD Series NYC today to chat about her new MTV show, "Loosely Exactly Nicole." Nicole shared with the live studio audience her VMA encounter with the one and only Beyoncé:

She went to go accept an award and when anyone very famous walked down the hallway a bodyguard would scream "AGAINST THE WALL!" You would have to get as close to the wall as possible so you don't accidently touch them I guess.

So she went, accepted her award. When she comes back I was like I'm just going to poke my head out and go "Hello." So she was walking back and she just looked so pretty so I said "Oh, what a treat." Because she is. She's such a treat. She giggled and touched my shoulders and said "Thank you" and giggled again. "I made Beyoncé giggle." I went to sleep by going "Beyoncé giggled." Then I woke up and went "Beyoncé giggled." I've just been saying it routinely, "Beyoncé giggled," so you guys, I'm a living legend.

Watch the full interview now. "Loosely Exactly Nicole" Premieres Monday, September 5th at 10:30/9:30c.