Comedian Just Needs To Know How Racist McDonald's Wants Its Voice-Overs To Be

In addition to acting in hilarious web originals and performing stand up, comedian Nicole Byer has picked up a lot of voice-over work.

But, as she relayed in a stand-up bit performed at New York venue The Apartment and uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 25, she just can't escape being typecast. It got to the point, she said, where she began walking into recording booths and asking, "How 'black' do you want this?" She cites fast food chain McDonald's as a common offender, and goes on to give some satirical examples of the stereotypes she was asked to portray.

The room fills with laughter at the over-the-top characters she voices. But her commentary speaks to a larger issue experienced by many black entertainers.

"Community" actress Yvette Nicole Brown gave an oft-quoted interview to The Daily Beast in 2012 in which she talked about Hollywood bigwigs asking her to act out racist caricatures on camera.

"Every woman on the planet has sass and smart-ass qualities in them, but it seems sometimes only black women are defined by it," Brown said.



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