Nicole Jacques, Ex-Baptist School Teacher, Sentenced To 23 Months For Sex With 15-Year-Old Student

A Pennsylvania woman who resigned from her job at a Christian school, then had a months-long sexual relationship with a 15-year-old former student was sentenced to jail time for her illicit affair Aug 16.

Nicole Jaques, 27, was sentenced to 11-and-a-half to 23 months in prison on a felony charge of corruption of minors.

In addition to jail time, Jacques received three years' probation and will register as a sex offender, according to A judge ordered her not to have contact with her victim, but prosecutors in the case hope the conviction will help protect other children as well.

"[She] engaged in sexual relations with someone who was a former student of hers," County Assistant District Attorney Matthew Quigg told the website. "It was very important that she have a conviction on her record that would make it impossible for her to have a job around children again."

Under Megan's Law, Jacques will have to report her address, her employment and the vehicle she drives each year to state police for the next 15 years.

Jacques was arrested in March 2012 after the father of her victim reported the ex-teacher's trysts with his son to Hatfield County Police, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported at the time.

Jacques quit her job at Calvary Baptist School in Lansdale, Pa., in 2011. According to police, no sexual contact took while she was employed as a teacher there.

However, Jacques continued to communicate with the victim via text message and phone calls, eventually having sex with the boy at her apartment.

According to a criminal complaint, the boy's phone bill tipped his parents off to the relationship. It included 1,168 text messages and 37 calls between the ex-teacher and her former student in the weeks before the boy's parents went to the police.

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