Here's Punk-Rock Nicole Kidman In 'How To Talk To Girls At Parties'

John Cameron Mitchell's adaptation of the Neil Gaiman story opens this year.

All anyone should need to know about “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” is that Nicole Kidman plays a punk rocker who collides with Elle Fanning’s earthbound alien. Done. Logline perfected. Coming soon to a theater near you. 

If you’d like more info, watch the teasers that Elle Fanning, Neil Gaiman and John Cameron Mitchell debuted on Instagram ahead of the movie’s Cannes Film Festival premiere. Fanning plays the Sex Pistols-inflicted extraterrestrial with whom a shy 1970s London teenager (Alex Sharp) falls in love.

Directed and co-written by Mitchell, “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” is based on Gaimain’s short story of the same name. It opens later this year. 

Holy punking fuck! Take a leak at your first peek of HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES

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