Nicole Kidman Refuses To Answer Scientology Question (VIDEO)

Nicole Kidman iced over when British reporter Andrew Marr brought up "one of the things you haven't talked about before" on his BBC show. That topic was her ex-husband's religion.

"Scientology," said Marr. "A lot of people would say it is a bullying cult."

Kidman stumbled over her response before deciding she wasn't going to give one.

"I just don't . . . This is just so not . . ." she said. Then, "I'm here to publicize 'Nine.' If I was here to do an expose on myself then I'd be like, 'Let's go,' but I have no interest in discussing any of that."

"You don't want to talk about Scientology?" Marr persisted.

"No, I'll talk about 'Nine,'" said Kidman.

The tense exchange was scrapped from the television version of 'The Andrew Marr Show' but released online by the BBC.



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