Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise: Actress Opens Up About Divorce In DuJour Magazine

More than a decade after her 2001 divorce from Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman is opening about the breakup of her marriage in the Winter 2012 issue of DuJour magazine.

Kidman describes her life with Cruise, whom she says she was "madly, passionately in love with," as "perfect." However, two months after their 10-year anniversary, she told the magazine, he announced that he was leaving her.

“It took me a very long time to heal," Kidman told the magazine. "It was a shock to my system.”

Cruise filed for divorce from Kidman in February 2001. During their marriage, the ex-couple adopted two children together -- Connor, now 17, and Isabella, now 19. In a recent interview with Australia's WHO magazine, the Academy Award-winning actress revealed that she was depressed after the split and called that time "the loneliest, loneliest existence."

In June 2006, Kidman remarried country singer Keith Urban, with whom she now has two daughters -- Faith and Sunday Rose.

But Kidman isn't the only A-lister to admit she struggled in the wake of her very public split. Click through the slides below to see four other celebrities who talked about their post-divorce depression.

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