Nicole Kidman's Baby Name: Sticking It To Scientology?

There's been a lot of speculation about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's decision to name their newborn daughter Sunday Rose. Even the whole "gave birth on a Monday to a daughter named Sunday" joke is set to expire. But now Heckler Spray has added an interesting theory to the mix: could the name Sunday be a direct insult to Scientology? Consider this:

You see, Nicole Kidman is a Catholic and Sundays are important to Catholics, but not important to Scientologists, and she used to be a Scientologist, so she called the baby Sunday as a sort of painfully oblique jab at Scientology. See?

....Don't believe us? MSNBC has spoken to a source who definitely exists and has obviously got all of the obvious facts:

"Nicole is a Catholic, and Sunday was an important religious day for her until she was involved in Scientology," said the source. "She's still bitter about her experience with Scientology and the fact her baby's name could be perceived as one last jab doesn't exactly upset her."

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