Nicole Richie and LA's Young Hot Finest Pack the Penthouse, AKA Room 64

So what did happen in the notorious Penthouse 64 you ask?

Nicole Richie
Monet Mazur
(Both L.A. natives) came to the
CARRERA Sunglasses Escape
in Hollywood on Saturday while fiancé
Joel Madden
continued his European tour - they got
Alternative Apparel
t-shirts with Carrera-themed images silk screened on the front.
Vienna Girardi
showed with friends and got
makeovers in a side room. 90210 star
Shanae Grimes
also got a shirt done.
New Moon's
Xavier Samuel
Hunter Parrish
had guests doing double takes when the blonde lookalikes showed up to the
CARRERA Sunglasses Escape
in Hollywood on Saturday.
Jack Osbourne
showed up for a mellow evening and spent the night in the private
lounge drinking soda water.

Last night The A List and LFB Media Group hosted the sunglass brand Carrera's Escape party up at the Chateau to promote their shades. We saw a lot of friends, celebs, beautiful skyline and got some pretty cool t-shirts made. Went down stairs for dinner around 9pm where we were waited upon by a Chateau waiter who was fully obsessive compulsive and actually came by to "straighten" my silver wear at one point and bullied us into all ordering the same beverage. Then when the bill came he asked us if we wanted him to put it on three different checks. We said it was fine and we would just split it - he then brought 3 checks with the entire meal including gratuity split three ways. The bill literally read 1/3 shrimp cocktail - $5.44, 1/3 salad chicken added - $4.83, 1/3 gratuity included 15% - $11.87. Weird! I have never seen anything like that! Have you??

Then the MOST interesting thing happened! Ladies exiting the ladies room were slipping a bit more than usually on that one patch where the wood meets the foyer tiles ... after about the 5th girl ate it in front of our table, we investigated the situation ourselves and found the spot to be particularly slippery and suggested to one of the staff that they throw a towel or some flour on the spot. He laughed and said "no no we keep it that way on purpose hoping to get a show!!" Huh? Is it possible the Chateau would risk the hundreds of potential lawsuits out of boredom at their jobs? If there was a hotel who dare (and who could probably get away with it) its the Chateau!

Upstairs at the party, tight quarters were packed with Carrera gift bags, Alternative apparel silk screening, Cover Girl touch up rooms, the tattooed chef working away in the service sized kitchen of the penthouse - locally known as room 64 - and lots of party goers.

Elsewhere in LA Saturday night - Julian Schnabel talked about Dennis Hopper (RIP) at MOCA downtown and Becca Midwood unveiled new art for The Daily Truffle at her gallery opening in Bergamont Station.

What we drank: Sangria, Grapefruit Spritzer, Champagne and Pellegrino

What we ate: Mini hamburgers, fish sticks, chocolate truffles etc!

Mix masters: Mia Moretti and Alexis Bohas + Ana Calderon

Caitlyn Moe and Mia Moretti, Nicole Richie & Monet Mazur, and Samaire Armstong

Gift Bags: Sunblock, cover girl makeup, Cafe Bustelo coffee, Carrera towel, sunblock and more sunblock !

Thanks to the sponsors ~ CARRERA Sunglasses Escape, Lancaster, COVERGIRL, Alternative Apparel, Cafe Bustelo!

Who we saw: Friends, lovers and colleagues included: Lots of LA natives from Beverly, Crossroads, Harvard-Westlake, Brentwood and Oakwood including Nicole Richie, Monet Mazur, John Stalberg (Crossroads) & Linnea Gibson Stalberg, Yosi Sergant, Ashlee Margolis (The A List) & Dan Fishman, Nola Singer, Lauren Brokaw (The Daily Truffle), Kari Feinstein (FMPR), Caroline Roman, Kevin Parker (Harvard Westlake), RJ Williams (Crossroads), Jack Osbourne, jewelry designer Anita Ko, Mcnair Zimbalist (Brentwood), and more friends art consultant Will Koppleman, Adrian Muzinich, Brent Bolthouse, actress Eva Amurri (daughter of Susan Sarandon and Italian director Franco Amurri), Erin Lucas (daughter of AC/DC bass guitarist Cliff Williams, cast member on The Hills and host for Current TV), Tamsin Lonsdale (Supper Club founder), Carly Steel, Jeanie Lim, Carlos Lopez (Neverwood High), DJ Ana Calderon, publicist turned manager Ami Zvi, Jessie Rubin, Blake Wassenaar (The A List), Samaire Armstong, Louise Roe (Olivia's competition at on The City), Bachelor girl Vienna Girardi, Shanae Grimes (90210), actor Xavier Samuel (New Moon), Karla Braun, Cory Kennedy, actress Sara Paxton, Kelli McKee, Rory Will, Lady Victoria Hervey, Lara shiftman with her little baby early on in the evening, Levin Rambin, Angie Banacki, Rachel Krupa, Markus Molanari (Katy Perry's BBF), Blaine Zuckerman (was at Teen vogue now People), Daniel Landver, Cojo, producer Alex Avant, Brett Ruttenberg, hair stylist Byron Williams, Cade Hudson, agent Cameron Mitchell, Cary Levine, Jenn Betts, Sarah Warda and Luke Hertzog, manager Michael Baum (clients include Nicole Richie), publicist Nicole Perna, Slate Pr's Robin Baum, Jimmy Choo publicist Sara Riff, stylist George Kotsiopoulos, actor Hunter Parrish (Weeds), Lawrence Longo, Michael Baruch, BJ Panda Bear, manager Sean Fay, Amber Lancaster, Ben Lyons, Bobby Campo, former NBA player Jalen Rose, Jarred Harris (Mad Men), Lynn Collins (Wolverine) and Taryn Manning.

*Oh yeah - and that guy who walks around Sunset dressed like Jesus (beard, gladiators, tassels and all) who is semi-violent ... he was walking around on Sunset in front of the hotel - not actually at the party lol. He's becoming more famous than the Beverly hills roller skater or Harry Perry - the turban wearing guitar skater in venice.

Kari Feinstein and Caroline Roman

Nola Singer & Lauren Brokaw

Angie Banicki & Rachel Krupa

Monet Mazur & Nicole Richie

Jack Osbourne

Jesus dresser welcomes Karla Braun to the Chateau

Extra long valet line tonight!

Alternative Apparel t-shirt room

Coverl Girl touch up room

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