Nicole Richie: 'I'm The Best Hairstylist On The Planet' (PHOTOS)

Just a few months ago Nicole Richie revealed that she doesn't know how to put on makeup.

Poor gal! But before you start thinking she's a complete beauty outcast, think again.

Apparently what the 30-year-old reality star-cum-fashion designer lacks in makeup application is made up for tenfold in her hairstyling skills.

"I actually think I’m the best hairstylist on the planet," proclaimed Nicole in the June 2012 issue of Glamour.

Wowzas! Is this simply a delusion of grandeur from the "Fashion Star" mentor or one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood? Furthermore, what does Andy Lecompte, Nicole's hairdresser and friend for more than 10 years, think about this bold claim?

Lecompte jokingly adds: "she teaches us what to do."

Whether her 'dos are DIY or professionally primped, Nicole has certainly come a long way from her days starring on "The Simple Life" with then BFF Paris Hilton. Those unfortunate colored extensions hanging from beneath her collection of equally unfortunate hats are thankfully now just a far off (albeit frightening) memory.

Nicole's self-proclaimed hairstyling prowess is apparently due to dealing with her own textured tresses over the years.

"I’m mixed, and it’s work to do my hair, so I learned how to do it well myself," Nicole told Glamour.

Her go-to hairstyle consists of braiding her hair at night and letting it out in the morning. Not what we would call super technical, but we're no Vidal Sassoon.

And if starring on hit reality shows and designing three clothing lines runs its course, Nicole also revealed that becoming a hairstylist could also be on the horizon. In fact she's had some experience.

"I would be a hairstylist. I actually like to go to the salon and blow out people’s hair."

Hey, it might be fun to have Nicole attempt to tame our manes, no?

Here's a look at a few shots from Nicole's beautiful Glamour feature--and check out the star's fabulous hair evolution in the slideshow below.

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Nicole Richie's Hair Evolution