Nicole Richie: 'The Worst Mistake Girls Make Is Getting A Breakup And Cutting Their Hair' (VIDEOS)

If we had to pick one celebrity to do our hair, it would be Nicole Richie.

Don't get us wrong, we understand she's had some hair faux pas in the past. (See: all of "The Simple Life.") But girl knows her way around a salon, as she demonstrates in the new episode of #CandidlyNicole. Called "Bangs And Bobs," this latest web clip shows Nicole hijacking Andy Lecompte Salon and showing the clients what's what.

We already knew Nicole had hairstyling confidence to boot. "I actually think I’m the best hairstylist on the planet," she once told Glamour magazine. But this video and deleted scene make it clear that Nicole pulls no punches when dishing out hair advice:

  • Nicole tells a woman who wants to straighten her hair, "Don't do it. Your life will be ruined and you will die alone." "I just broke up with my boyfriend..." the girl replies.

  • Nicole declares, "The worst mistake girls make is getting a breakup and cutting their hair." Amen.
  • A client says she wants a haircut that will spice things up with her husband. Nicole's response... "Listen. You do a blunt bang and no makeup with just a red lip... and a little pierced nips..."
  • But seriously, this is quality (Internet) TV. Check out the full episode above, plus a deleted scene, and tell us you wouldn't also want Nicole doing your hair.


    Nicole's got great tresses:


    Nicole Richie's Hair Evolution

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