Nicole Richie Learns How Not To High Five In The Worst Possible Way


Nicole Richie was on the wrong end of the world’s worst high five during a recent interview.

Cat Greenleaf, the host of NBC’s “Talk Stoop,” went in to slap Richie’s hand but inadvertently smacked her in the face, sending her sunglasses tumbling to the ground.

“Oh my God,” said a mortified Greenleaf.

She later described herself as “notoriously clumsy.” Richie lightheartedly replied, “I can see that, out of my left eye only.”

Richie, who was on the show to promote her upcoming sitcom “Great News,” continued to make light of the incident throughout the interview.

When Greenleaf asked her for a fun fact about herself, Richie jokingly replied that she was “just abused, like two seconds ago.”

The reality TV star turned actress and fashion designer also revealed how she isn’t as adept at social media as people may think she is. And she described what it was like reading from a script for her new show, instead of just playing herself. 

Check out the full interview here: